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The Ritual for Induction is the word map to be used verbatim at your Induction Ceremony. The Ritual can also be found in the Handbook for Advisors. It is presented below and can also be downloaded.

Delta Epsilon Sigma Ritual for Induction

President: Though each of us has been born with different abilities, and as unique as we are, we all have been called to go outside of ourselves and use those talents given us. Our responses to the call will be different – we must give according to what we have been given.

Today we have come together to recognize certain individuals with greater commitments. The members whom we honor tonight have demonstrated that they are capable of great aca­demic accomplishment and thus also of hard work. To them more has been given; of them, much more is expected. The excellent person is distinguished by the acceptance of greater personal demands. These individuals recognize the great chal­lenge which is theirs: the world of service to others is now in their hands.

Secretary: I present to you the candidates seeking admis­sion to Delta Epsilon Sigma.

President: Have they fulfilled the requirements for mem­bership?

Secretary: They have. Our choice has been guided by the purposes of the Society and a sincere desire to obtain the best possible membership of persons devoted to scholastic achievement and to the corresponding responsibility of service to others.

President: In a democratic society wherein persons of like
pursuits, abilities, interests, or convictions freely band them­selves together for mutual support and encouragement, it is fitting that there be a national association constituted of se­lected individuals who have a record of outstanding scholastic accomplishment and who have promoted intellectual life. Membership in Delta Epsilon Sigma will be at once a distinc­tion earned by past achievements and a stimulus to future in­tellectual work. The officers and members of this chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma, after due consideration and deliberation, are convinced that you fulfill the requirements for membership in this national group of men and women whose motto, signi­fied by the letters of Delta Epsilon Sigma, may be taken to mean: “It is the mission of a wise person to put things in or­der”.

Wisdom is the perfection of knowledge. A wise person is one who has put order into knowledge, who discriminates between the true and the false, who appraises things at their proper worth, and who then can use this knowledge, along with the humility born of it, to go forward to accept the responsibilities and obligations which this ability imposes.

We now ask you to affirm the principles for which Delta Epsi­lon Sigma stands.

Secretary: One who loves wisdom knows that it can be gained only through long and persevering labor. Do you seek wisdom through such labor?

Candidates: We do.

President: We now welcome you into this Society of distinguished students, graduates, and faculty who have enjoyed the privileges and accepted the challenges offered to them. We feel confident that you, too, by your influence, service, and example will help to effect a synthesis of religion, morality, and knowledge. With these certificates we signify that you are duly enrolled as members of Delta Epsilon Sigma.

The seal of this Society bears the Greek Letters, Chi Rho, the first two letters of the word Christ, and a lamp which reminds us of the light which shines in the darkness of an unbelieving world.

The candidates will now come forward as their names are called to receive their certificates of membership.

Official Ritual for Induction

Official Ritual of Induction in PDF

Delta Epsilon Sigma Sample Ceremony Script for Induction

[name of college or university]

Incidental music will begin (piano, violin? We usually ask a faculty member in the music department to assist.) will be played ten minutes before the beginning and during the pinning. Flowers, programs, and induction ritual will be distributed to inductees by officers as they enter the auditorium.


“Welcome to the induction ceremonies of the [chapter name]Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma at [name of college or university]. My name is [name of student], and I am the Vice President for Student Affairs of the [chapter name]Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma. Tonight I will serve as master of ceremonies. First, I would like to introduce to you the people you see here on the stage:

  • (student), President of [chapter name]
  • (student), Secretary of [chapter name]
  • (student), Vice President for Communications of [chapter name]
  • , Faculty Advisor of [chapter name]
  • , Vice President for Academic Affairs (or other upper-level administrator)
  • , Director of the Neumann Institute for Franciscan Studies (or chaplin)
  • , Keynote Speaker
  • , Writing Contest Coordinator”

INVOCATION: (clergy or campus ministry)

EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS: (one of the student officers)
“As the ritual for induction reminds us, to whom much has been given, much is expected. Today we are privileged to be present among a room full of talented individuals–the academically gifted. In this society, however, membership requires a special kind of commitment. This commitment points not only to continued development in scholarship but also to a concerted effort toward service to others.

The white flowers you now hold symbolize a purity of intention in your personal growth in both scholarship and service.

To my right on this table rest two golden candles that the chapter officers will now light.”

“These candles will remain burning as we meditate on our reasons for being here today. Let this golden light reflect our search for truth and knowledge. But just as the candle’s flame produces an ineffable glow, a radiance that harkens to the beauty of our personal gifts, the taper acts practically as well to brighten the path for others. May it serve as our guide today.”

“Now it is my distinct pleasure and privilege to introduce our guest speaker for this special occasion.” [Give highlights from resume.]

SPEECH: guest speaker

“Thank you, [name of keynote speaker], for those inspiring words … (add whatever you think appropriate).”

“I now ask all candidates for membership into the [chapter name]
Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma to rise and to remain standing at their seats. Please use the printed ritual of induction that you have received today to participate in the ceremony. Afterwards, please sit as individual members are called to the front to receive their certificates and pins.”

“Please Sit for the RITUAL OF INDUCTION. Those candidates for induction will now stand.”

[Student president and secretary will follow the prescribed ritual as found on the DES website and will read names of inductees; Student president will give certificate. Those seated on the stage will help to attach pins to new members’ lapels and to offer congratulations. Incidental music will play during the ceremony.]

“I now ask President [name of student president] to present the special [chapter name] Chapter award.”

“I am proud and honored to be able to present today to [name of awardee] the [chapter name] Chapter Award for Achievement in Scholarship and Service.”

[Include resume details, including academic and service work]

“ [name of awardee], in this box you will find a medallion engraved with your name and today’s date. May it serve as a reminder of our gratitude and respect. Congratulations.”

“During this next very important part of today’s program, [name of writing contest coordinator, usually a member of the English Department], will now announce and describe the [name of chapter] writing awards. These winners of the writing competition at [name of college or university] will be sent to the national writing competition of Delta Epsilon Sigma. Congratulations, and good luck!” [A small monetary award for this local contest has usually been planned and budgeted for accordingly.]

WRITING AWARDS: Students are called to the podium to receive their awards.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Introduce VPAA or other upper administrator for closing remarks.


INVITATION TO SERVE: chapter advisor
“I wish to recognize as well another person who has acted as a hovering angel to make sure all details have been prepared to make this occasion so beautiful. My personal thanks and warm regards go to [usually an administrative assistant] who deserves most of the credit for the success of this afternoon.

Congratulations to all new members and thank you for coming.

Some of the benefits of membership in Delta Epsilon Sigma are the scholarships available. Juniors may be interested in the senior year scholarships, and seniors may be interested in the fellowships for graduate study. Deadline is March 1, so come to my office, room [location], next week to pick up an application for and talk to me to begin to work out a strategy for presenting a winning application.

Please remain for refreshments served in [location]. This [day, date, and time] a meeting to elect offices will take place. Please come to begin to fulfill your induction pledge to share your God-given gifts. Come to room[location]. Our most important goal will be to elect student officers for the chapter from among the junior class. Let us show immediately our commitment to the goals of Delta Epsilon Sigma by becoming involved starting this day. Thank you. Enjoy the refreshments and celebrate your accomplishment!”

Sample Ceremony Script for Induction

Microsoft Word document featuring Sample Ceremony Script for Induction.

Delta Epsilon Sigma Neumann U. Induction Program

Delta Pi Chapter

Neumann U. Induction Program
Neumann U. Induction Program

Download the PDF for the Neumann U. Induction Program for the Delta Pi Chapter.